A Daily Gathering at The Oldeststone Farm in Charles Town West Virginia

A Daily Gathering at The Oldeststone Farm

Charles Town West Virginia



Published Sep 01, 2014

“I really want to bring millennials together, those who are uprooted from their families and who are yearning for a sense of community. ”

Rebecca Gallop

This donated story was a bit different for Andrew and I as we were focusing on two local businesses. The first business is owned by Rebecca Gallop called A Daily Gathering which is run out of Northern Virginia. A Daily Gathering's mission is to bring millennials together over a shared dinner and/or weekend retreats. Rebecca hosts dinners all over Northern Virginia and D.C. but choose the gorgeous Oldeststone Farm located in Charles Town, West Virginia to host her first weekend event which brings us to the second business we featured here.

The Oldeststone Farm is run by John Coon who sold everything in 2011 to realize his dream of owning a farm and now operates it as a Bed & Breakfast. Though beautifully decorated - the 1734 farm that resides on 46 acres is still very much run like the day it was built.

To contact John Coon from The Oldeststone Farm please go here.

A special thanks to the Great American Canyon Band who provided the music, Lost at Sea for this video. 

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