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Why Did You Start Our Terrain?

The short of it - we are passionate about small business and wanted to give back to our community.

We felt the best way for us to do that would be through video storytelling. So, every month we donate our video services free of charge to a small business or artisan in one of our destinations - learn more on our frequently asked questions.

Since we started in 2013 we've donated 12 stories to our community! You can see all the stories here.

The long of it - we wanted to start a conversation about small business. We have watched as small businesses all over the United States have slowly declined and closed - especially in more rural areas. This is due in large part to big box corporations who have faded the loyalty that once existed between local businesses and their neighbors. Our Terrain wants to bring that back by giving the consumer a first-hand look at the work and care that goes into owning a small business.

The problem was that we were mainly seeing videos, blogs and magazines dedicated to featuring popular businesses with a similar esthetic. The focus was primarily on the larger destinations like Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Brooklyn and so on. Places that have money and resources that our rural communities can’t keep up with.

There was also a strong focus on businesses with a large presences on the internet via their social media and web traffic. Sure, that is beneficial to those telling their stories, but what about small businesses that don’t have a web focus at all — that don’t even know how to promote their small business outside of their local communities?

We believe that there is more to storytelling than just pointing a camera at something that is already well documented — there isn’t anything wrong with that but we felt it was important to tell another type of story, one that aides in bringing awareness to small businesses that would otherwise be overlooked.

We also want young people in rural communities to know that they don’t have to leave in order to be creative. You don’t need to visit a million dollar goat farm in France to get a good story, chances are there’s an equally beautiful story in your own backyard that needs your help.

So much of what we see today was created in our rural communities and Our Terrain wants to remind those small businesses and artisans how vital they are to our lives and to our future.

Tiffany King & Andrew King

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We love donating our time to our community – but content creation also includes fixed expenses. Please consider donating to the project so that we can feature more small businesses!


We operate out of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, but also cover the areas of DC, Virginia, Maryland and more! We'll travel anywhere to tell the story of your business.

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Video Production & Photography

Video is an incredible method of connecting with your audience – why do you think more than 80% of Kickstarter campaigns include a video front and center?

Online Marketing

We work to discover your voice so that you can better connect with your customers.

Online marketing services usually involve an ongoing relationship between you and us. Please  email us, we’d love to discuss!

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